Experience the most effective yet efficient of data from field officers in rural area with DataHub.id!

Thanks to DataHub.id! Now there is no delay matter for both communities (rural and urban) to monitor the field data. By this, we are able to have precise decision
regarding agricultural matter.

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DataHub.id platform that has been developed since 2017 has been used by several government institution to map farmers effectively. The data obtained using DataHub.id platform can be used in relation with other platforms or used separately by various business fields.

8villages through DataHub.id platform is ready to assist farmers to gather the field data and processing it to user friendly data. By this, as communication manager will be easier to make to make a strategy communication plan for your business.

DataHub.id also can be functioned for end user consumer. You can easily monitor the progress of field in real time. Thus, there will be no more irrelevant money allocation for your field.

Go check DataHub.id to monitor current agriculture situation!


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