8villages leverages the power of mobile phones to allow your business to engage farmers at scale, to capture relevant intelligence and to generate higher consumer engagement.

What is 8Villages?



Farmers are among the most socially active consumer groups in the world. Today, mobile phones are redefining the way they share, learn and make decisions.

8villages introduces mobile power into your marketing campaigns. By combining cutting-edge, cloud-based technologies and insights into efficient mobile advertising, we activate your customers and move them through the conversion funnel via immersive mobile experiences
8villages was founded in 2011 with the intent to change the way information flows from private and public sectors to rural populations.

Today, our team combines experienced marketers, agronomists as well as software and telecommunications engineers.

8villages has offices in Asia and Europe. The company is funded by renown venture capitalists from Asia, US and Europe.
This relentless focus on farmers allows us to help our clients design and run campaigns that truly change the way public and private sectors dialog with farmers. See the work we do in Indonesia, our lab, where we test new features, technologies and user interactions: link to LISA

1.7 billion people around the world farm the land. Most of them are now adopting phones.

We are passionate about understanding how this technology boom is helping farmers adopt sustainable practices, new farming technologies, eventually leading to higher incomes for entire communities.

Our Solution



Our team of mobile and marketing experts works with you to create efficient solutions that are fully integrated into your campaign planning and tailored to the specifics agricultural communities and channels' setups of your country of operation. It is not about audiences, it's about outcomes: with its advanced reporting features, 8villages helps you prove the efficacy of every marketing dollar.
Attract and retain customers through a reward-based loyalty management program customized to your business goals. Multi-vertical expertise, powered by a powerful data manipulaation platform, creates the world's first multi-channel loyalty solution tailored to the world of agriculturee.
Find out where farmers are, what they're doing, why they're doing it and how to improve their mobile experience and interaction with your brand via sophisticated customer data mining. Learn more.

Our Technology

8VILLAGES offers robust, cloud-based carrier-grade messaging platform, allowing real-time communication between you and your rural customers.
It enables you to initiate a conversation via SMS, MMS, push notification.

As a multi-country messaging aggregation gateway, 8VILLAGES makes it simple to execute and optimize personalized mobile messaging globally. We also work with mobile carriers across the globe to identify the phone users involved in agriculture and deliver tailored, localized and relevant information to them.





The last mile, or "farmers hands" is the most difficult part of a long and broken value chain in emerging market agriculture. Farmers often do not benefit from transperacy or even the best practices needed to help them use Agri business products in a more efficient and effective ways. In addition, field force in those countries is often remote, decentralized and lacks the understanding of what information is needed and how to develop insights for head quarters.

8villages solves these problems across multiple dimensions. For one, it allows for a head quarters to directly engage with any farmer over SMS or Android application providing him best practices, a way to ask questions real time with pictures attached. In addition, our field force solutions integrate the field force and the farmer allowing HQ to develop the right surveys leading to insightful learnings from the field which can then be applied towards increasing farmer livlihoods while improving the company's profitability. Ultimately 8villages will build additional tools to manage trace ability and yield measurement to further help the develop the farming ecosystem.
The bottom of the pyramid is often of very low sophistication and many times opts to take money from loan shark "friends" at much higher interest than of reputable MFIs and rural banks. In addition, insurance products which are becoming more important for farmers due to climate change are often very complex and difficult to deliver at a cost effective way to farmers.

8villages addresses these problems by allowing a financial institution to engage with a bottom of the pyramid in both product related and supporting information allowing potential customers to break the barrier of being uncomfortable in associating with a modern regulated bank. In addition, the 8villages platform allows for the ongoing education of potential customers remotely reducing the cost of educating farmers about new product such as insurance and allowing the products themselves to be much more transparent for the customers. Finally our field force tool allows field officers to collect better information including pictures, GPS coordinates and others which can reduce risk for financial institutions and increase their reach.
Both governments and non governments actors consistently look for ways to better inform the more vulnerable populations about their rights while educating them and improving their livelihoods. Governments see these populations as a huge opportunity to make change in the country, NGOs sees the needs of these people and want to address more of them while we also learned how Uniiversities would like to give impact well beyond the classroom doors.

8villages allows the creation of true PPPs put together by technologies and allowing for a cheap, effective and efficient way to reach more people, in more substantial ways. In addition, equipping those people with the our field force tool can further make monitoring and evaluation easier, and allow for the creation of more robust programs.
In emerging markets where modern trade has not yet taken hold, it is important for distributors to better reach their channel and both develop them while driving more sales or help manage their own working capital that can get fragmented in such complex supply chains.

8villages has great experience in working together with companies across multiple industries in both developing the channel and educating micro entrepreneurs. In addition it can further equip the field force of different companies allowing them to be more effective even by while being far from HQ.
Case Study

Bayer Crop Sciences, the leading provider of agricultural inputs, approached 8villages for help developing a mobile strategy that would ultimately drive knowledge and product awareness among farming communities in emerging Asia.
To increase its brand equity, 8VILLAGES helped Bayer Crop Sciences build an engaged mobile community of opt-in farmers, driving their preference with localized farming knowledge, offers and coupon. To Promote their new mobile community, 8VILLAGES helped BAYER CROP SCIENCES mobilize its existing marketing assets in the fields and enabled multi-channel opt-ins.

- Allowed farmers to create brand-sponsored groups via SMS, generating high referral rates.
- Enabled content creation by a local network of experts from universities and public departments of agriculture.
- Allow farmers to opt-in via SMS to a simple shortcode and enjoy the service for free.
By creating opt-in opportunities across their entire marketing funnel, BCS achieved a high opt-in rate and quickly developed a viable mobile community

- 95% of approached farmers opted-in
- 30% of users directly interacting with the brand
- 20% of farmers enjoying and redeeming points at the local points of sale
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